Groove Cruise 2013 x The ship that changed my life! Yes, it got weird.


One of my best friends, Giovanni, went on the Groove Cruise in 2012 and did not shut up about it the entire year. In fact he kept talking about it so much and wanted me to go so bad he helped me purchase a ticket on the GC 2013 for my birthday in Jan. Now consider this, I’ve never been on a cruise before in my life and I’ve also never been to a rave before. I enjoy house music but I was FAR from knowledgeable on EDM. (EDM is Electronic Dance Music incase you don’t know…I was introduced to a whole new rave lingo and attire)

Because I ended up purchasing my ticket so late I was roomed with a “some guy” named Paul Pelc. I’m not gonna lie rooming with a random older man was a bit of a concern for me but I figured if worse came to worse I could always sleep in my friend Gio’s room along with the other guys.  I would later learn that he is a LEGEND on this cruise and not regret my decision. He was one of the sweetest and positive people I have ever met. The ship ports out of Miami and sails to the Great Stirrup Cay, a private island in the Bahamas.

Thousands of people board this ship and there are 10 decks onboard. I was on Deck 10 which I would also later learn is the “party deck”. Remember that this IS basically a 3 day on going party already but Deck 10 is a party within a party. Our deck seemed to be the most popular and I believe it had something to do with my roomie who brought supplies including glowsticks, glasses and candy for practically the entire ship. He even brought a slip n slide with gallons and gallons of KY Jelly. Yeah.

Immediately I met new friends that I became really close with over 3 night of lights, music and dancing. There are several themes throughout the trip that GC goers seem to prepare MONTHS in advance for with creative and very *cough* eye stimulating costumes. Let’s just say there was not much left to the imagination. I wouldn’t consider myself real conservative but walking around in a bra and underwear, let alone with pasties, was a little out of my comfort zone. Being in that environment was so different though. It’s like all your worries are left at the port and you are free to be yourself. That being said I did participate in the themes which included Represent (where your from) STFU (Shine the F Up), Safari Theme, Nerd Night and…well there were tons more but those are the ones I remembered to change for. I was having too much fun and “aint nobody got time for that” lol

This was an exhilarating and yet exhausting experience for me. I’ve done my fair share of partying but not like this. I literally would party all night til about 4am. Go back to the room and “nap” , then get up and go out again, eat breakfast or dinner or lunch (I was never really sure what time it was), dance some more, “nap” then start over for 3 days. I saw some CRAZY things and as you might expect there were party favors floating around the bodies of these BEAUTIFUL people from all over the world. The beach party was awesome! I even saw REAL mermaids..haha well they had full on mermaid outfits with fins and were swimming in the ocean with us.

The DJ’s were AMAZING. Everyone from DSK CHK, Nervo, EC Twins, George Acosta, Funkagenda Sydney Blu..omg there are so many. Ill just post a pic of the lineup below. This type of music does something to one’s soul. Its very liberating and there is a certain aura around the boat of happiness and love that could be the starting point for world peace. There literally is not any drama that you might run into with drunk people at a regular club back home. Ravers live by a creed known as P.L.U.R. Peace Love Unity and Respect.

This isn’t just a music festival, it literally changed my outlook on life. It opened my eyes to world of positivity and possibility. I made some lasting memories with old and new friends. I feel as if I entered into a new world that is much like an extended house loving music family. Seriously, everyone still stays in contact and will meet up to go to other events all over the world.

This cruise came at a time in my life when it seemed everything was going wrong in my life and things were about to take a huge nose dive into hell. Everyone around me, including my counselor who I regularly see said that they could tell the difference in my demeanor after this trip. I was worrying about to much. I just need to turn up the music and dance it off my heart.  Even at the end of this long blog post I still feel that I can’t find the words to explain this moment in my life. All I can say is I’ll be there next year and hope to see you too!

P.S.-I’ve included the official  “after movie” of the Cruise, SOME of my personal pics (the ones that are gonna make it public), and the lineup!


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-Yo Angie!

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  1. Great Story… To be Reapeated Jan 2014… You better book a cabin on my Deck! ♥ U

  2. Although I saw my fair share of pacifiers, please do not call it a ‘rave.’

    • Haha the people I was with were calling it that the whole time. I know the original “raves” back in the day were different. What do you call it? Just a party?

  3. So awesome to hear about your experience! See you on the next Groove Cruise! – Ryan Fitz

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