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As my graduation is coming up in May I have several different conflicting emotions happening here. There are so many things I need to decided and I don’t want to let that decision making process slow me down because I have a bad habit of putting TOO much thought into a decision and never making one. One of the things I have to think about is wether or not I will try to work for an established company or find free lance work. Either way I would like to begin the research of starting my own business. Because I have a child and do not see myself working a regular 9-5 all of my life (all though weekends off sounds like heaven to me as I have not had that luxury since I was 15) the entrepaneurship path is appealing to me on many levels. It offers the creative mind stimulation I need, flexible schedule for my daughter, financial independence from a having a boss, plus with what I want to do I can incorporate traveling and my top interests including music business. 

On my recent vacation I had the chance to start reading a book called Millionaire Moms by Joyce Bone. So far it has motivated me to unbelievable levels. AND she is from Georgia and went to the same college as me. I am in the middle of the book but it really shines the light on what I believe my blog is about. Not waiting for things to happen to you, but aligning your own stars. If you are a mom and trying to balance or “fit” different aspects of your life together this book is a must read. There is also a website with tons of information and inspiration. 

My worst fear is being stuck at a mindless job I hate, living paycheck to paycheck, not getting respect and acknowledgment for the skills I have, not being able to spend enough time with my family, and wondering what if. I want to be able to dress how I want at work, not get a write up for having tattoos (its 2013 guys come on), enjoy the holidays with my family , listen to music, go to the restroom when I want without asking first. (can you tell I work retail) Hahaha. On a serious note I want to make an impact on other’s dreams by helping them with my work. I want to leave work feeling proud like I accomplished something positive in the world. Just thinking of it gives me butterflies.

I have to admit starting a company as a single mother and a recent college graduate (in May) is terrifying. What if I fail completely? Will I have clients? Will I be able to figure out insurance for me and my daughter? Will I make enough money to at least live comfortably? Then my mind wanders to the other side… What if I create something valuable and needed in the music space that lives on past my time here on earth? What if I inspire the next generation to follow their dreams? What if I’m wildly successful and never have to worry about money, answering to my boss, or getting denied vacation time for my daughter’s birthday weekend? (It happens) Just what if I love my job and wake up everyday not going to work but just living because it’s so amazing its not work?

 I think my biggest motivation to do this is because I know my daughter is watching me. Everything I do. I don’t want her to feel she HAS to forfeit her passions and dreams for money to survive. I want to give back to the music space what it gave me growing up and getting paid to do that is my dream. 

PS- When I finish the book I will post again about what I have applied to my life.

-Yo Angie! 


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  1. I think you should definitely do it. Your great at networking. N yo…angie…your clearly good at branding as well :). Another possibility,if at all possible, get a job with flexible hours and try to gain clients while starting up. Stylists do it all the time. Just lookout for a noncompete clause when chosing.

    • Thank you for your advice. That’s a great idea and something I plan to do. Right now I am still at Costco but if I can find a PR job that is flexible with a lenient noncompete clause or NO clause at all that would be awesome! Thanks so much for you support and encouragement it really means a lot to me!

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